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OLYMPIC: Every 30sec for 7min: 2 Power Snatch AUXILIARY: Every 3min for 15min: 8 Axle Bar CnJ…160/110 22/18cal Row 8 Axle Bar Front Squat…160/110 For...
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OLYMPIC: Every 30sec for 7min: AUXILIARY: 3 Rounds of: 3 Legless Rope Climbs 9 Ring Muscle Ups 12 OHS…185/125 For Time METCON: Explode WOD


OLYMPIC: 12min EMOM of: 2 Power Snatch (2sec pause below knee) AUXILIARY: 12…9…6…3 of: “Gymnastics complex” After each set: 50 Double Unders 20m Back Rack...
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OLYMPIC: Take 7min to work up in a ladder of 10 different weights increasing by 10 pounds of a Squat Clean n Jerk AUXILIARY: 34…21…13…8...
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OLYMPIC: 5×2 Squat Snatch 5×2 Snatch Balance AUXILIARY: 3 Rounds of: 100 Double Unders 40/30cal Row 12 Ring Muscle Ups For Time METCON: Explode WOD


OLYMPIC: 10min EMOM of: 2 Snatch Balance AUXILIARY: 5 Rounds of: 2min AMRAP of: 2 Deadlifts…365/255 2 DB Hang Cleans…80/55’s 2 Strict PHSPU 2min Rest...
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STRENGTH: 6min EMOM of: 2 Muscle Snatch 1 Power Snatch 1 Hang Squat Snatch AUXILIARY: Every 2:30min for 15min: 8 Shoulder to OH…185/125 22/16cal Row...
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OLYMPIC: Every 30sec for 6min: 2 Hang Squat Cleans (Increase weight each interval) AUXILIARY: 40 Ring Muscle Ups (10cal Bike every time you break) METCON:...
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