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Olympic: 5×3 Clean n Jerk 8×2 Hang High Pulls Auxiliary: 15…10…5 of: DB Squat Clean Thruster…80/55 Bar Muscle Ups Ski Cal Metcon: Explode WOD


Olympic: 5×2 High Hang Power Snatch 5×2 High Hang Squat Auxiliary: 21…15…9 of: Hang Clean…155/105 Front Squat…155/105 S2OH…155/105 Metcon: Explode WOD


Olympic: Every 30sec for 7mins: 2 Squat Cleans Auxiliary: 70 Dumbell Step Overs……55/40…24/20″ (EMOM of 4 Ring Muscle Ups) For Time (12min Time Cap) Metcon:...
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Olympic: 5×2 Snatch Balance 5×2 Snatch High Pull Auxiliary 5…4…3…2…1 of: Legless Rope Climbs (15cal Treadmill Sprint after each) Metcon: Explode WOD


Olympic: Every 30sec for 7min: 2 Squat Cleans 1 Jerk Auxiliary: 10 Rounds of: 3 Thrusters…185/125 4 Bar Muscle Ups Metcon: Explode WOD


Olympic: 8mins to work up to a heavy 1 rep snatch Auxiliary: Every 2mins for 8mins: 12cal Run 6 Bar Facing Burpees 2 Snatch…205/145 Metcon:...
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Olympic: 6min EMOM of: 2 Power Cleans 2 Front Squat Auxiliary: 18min EMOM of: Min1- 6 Front Squat…225/155 Min2- 6 Ring Muscle Ups Min3- 3...
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Olympic: 5×2 Deadlift (2sec pause at knee) 5×2 Squat Clean Auxiliary: 10 Rounds of: 8/6cal Ski 20m Sandbag Carry…200/150 1min Rest Metcon: Explode WOD


Olympic: 7×2 Snatch Deads 7×2 Snatch High Pulls 7×2 Snatch Auxiliary: 5 Rounds of: 12m Alternate DB Lunge Rt Hand…50/35’s 12m Alternate DB Lunge Lf...
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