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30…25…20…15 of:

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Air Squats

For Time


Post time and scalling to comments


Auxiliary: 8x100m sprints

*Note about programming*

As you might have noticed our programming has been a lil "weak" lately. Don't fret and don't stew, this is only temporary and CF Explode has not gone soft because we moved to a new badass location. There are a good amount of our top level athletes competing in the CF Games Open for the next 5-6 weeks.  To prepare them for the Unknown and Unknowable WODs that HQ will be throwing at them I have tapered back our programming to exclude any WODs that would be considered heavy or high volume. These following weeks will still get the lungs burning but hopefully these athletes won't be experiencing too much soreness or local muscle fatigue.

**Other notes**

During these next few weeks of the CF Games Open we will be validating the workout of the week at the normal class times on Thursdays.  Please understand that this time will be limited and let me (Quinlan) know that you will be coming in at which time to have your score validated. I am opting in to do in-house score validation as a conveinience to you on Thursdays if you cannot make it to the events being hosted by the other affiliates on Saturday. Myself and 5 other local affiliates have all chosen a week to hold an event (mini-sectionals) at one of our affiliates each week. I strongly reccomend going to each week's hosting affiliate's event to take part in the atmosphere and do the Open WOD of the week there.  This CrossFit stuff has an amazing community behind it and its always a good experience to be a part of it!