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3.17.20 TUESDAY “7th TOE”


3.17.20 TUESDAY “7th TOE”


Dear Explode,

During these unprecedented times, we must all work a little harder to remain resilient, adapt, and subsequently overcome whatever comes our way. Crossfit Explode is no exception. In an effort to keep the gym and equipment here as a resource for you to continue your pursuit of fitness—while at the same time fulfilling our inherent civic duty to keep exposure to groups and potential disease to a minimum—we will be canceling all organized classes beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020.

Every member of Crossfit Explode already has 24/7 access to the gym. With that, we are asking that going forward, all members register for a one-hour workout time slot using the Zen Planner app. Please utilize that hour to do the WOD and/or any other extra fitness planned for the day and please limit it to an hour. Each hour of the day will have nine slots available for nine individuals to execute their workouts. This will ensure adequate space for social distancing.

We will continue to post “at home” workouts for those of you who are self-quarantined.

If you are in the gym, please continue to be cognizant of good hygiene practices and ensure that you clean whatever equipment you use.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns, you can reach me directly at (610) 517-5961.

Stay Fit. Stay Safe. Stay Resilient.


Zen Planner App to register for your time at the gym.


3×6 Front Squat (4sec Negative)


110 Heavy Wall Balls…30/20…10/9

(EMOM of 7 Toes to Bar)

For Time

(13min Time Cap)


300 Air Squats

(EMOM of 7 Weighted Sit Up)

For Time

*choose any object to hold out in front of you while you perform a sit up heavy enough to make the 7 reps difficult