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*COVID19 Update**

*We will continue to remain open.

*I ask that all members use your own discretion coming to the gym. If you feel ill at all, have loved ones in close contact with you that feel ill or are at risk to be hit hard with this virus, PLEASE stay home.

*Please be mindful of “Social Distancing”. The gym is accessible 24/7. If you are home from work, try coming into the gym and doing the WOD at a time we don’t typically run classes in order to avoid larger groups at the gym.

*Everyday along with the WOD we will offer at-home alternatives as auxiliary workouts and will be posted here along with any updates.

*Please clean up, wipe down and take extra care of the equipment and help staff keep the gym cleaner than it’s ever been. Wiping down handles and frequently touched areas would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!


4×6 Eccentric Shoulder Press

(4sec negative, 1min Rest after each set)

*At home this can be a push up


5 Rounds of:

35/25cal Row

20 HSPU…35’s

15/10cal Ski

For Time

(17min Time Cap)

At home:

5 Rounds of:

25 Star Jumps

20 Push Ups

15 Grasshoppers

For Time