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With a partner complete the following:

200 Burpee Bar Touches

(8 KB Swings…70/53, 8 Pull Ups EMOM)

(20min Time Cap)

– One partner works on the 200 Burpees at a time and they can alternate whenever. At the minute, One partner will do the KB Swings the other will do the Pull Ups. Partners alternate each round. 

example– Partner 1 does 8 KB Swings at 0:00min and Partner 2 does 8 Pull Ups. At 1min, Partner 1 does 8 Pull Ups and Partner 2 does 8 KB swings.

*scale Pull Ups to wisely to equal the time spent on KB Swings


Post team time and load to comments

Next Saturday February 21st we will be running the "Jimmy Dice" workout at 11am.

James Fordyce is the nephew of one of the most motivating and inspirational people I have ever come accross. Next Tuesday is the 9 year anniversary of James Fordyce loosing his life to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. I hope we all can get together and do this workout Saturday, please be patient as we try to run everyone through it. Most of all, welcome that uneasy nervous feeling we all get right before the workout. When you hear the word "Go", don't hold back, go as hard as you can until you can't go any further. Just for today, when you finally get to that point when it feels like your body is about to give way and you are unsure if you can possibly continue on… remember those who cannot be with us today because they gave the ultimate gift. Remember them and remember that your still alive, your heart still beats in your chest and as long as it does… NEVER GIVE UP

Thank you James Fordyce