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21…18…15…12…9 of:

SDLHP…95/65 pounds

Box Jumps…24/20" box

For Time (Time Cap 15min)


Post time and load to comments

Skill: HSPU's

Great weekend of working out among friends at the the Explode Combine! After 5 workouts, and even a 3-way tie breaker for some, the results are in and the following 16 individuals will enjoy 5 months free membership and the oppurtunity to train for the 2013 CrossFit Games season. Next Explode Combine will take place tentatively January 19th. Keep training hard!!

Individual Women

1. Lauren Krygowski

2. Emily Pale

3. Elizabeth Wahlberg

4. Leah Bednarek

5 Paige Henry

6. Lorelei Wilkey

7. Jenny Vuong

8. Leah Mitchell

Individual Men

1. Cody Loeffler

2. Tyler Fischer

3. Bill Boylan

4. Nick Puzzangara

5. Sean Kelley

6. Brad Feinberg

7. Nate Malikowski

8. Sam Vuong

Great Job Everyone!!