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***We came, we saw… we lost 🙁

Congratulations Team Inspire! You guys did a great job today and pulled off a sweet victory.  Matt and Darin thank you for having us out and hosting this event. Micah and Jay thanks for putting this thing together and thank you to all the judges and volunteers.

Team Explode, in loss there are lessons to be learned, those who do not choose to learn the lessons of our failures, choose to never succeed. What's the lesson? Diversity. We as a team need to be more diverse in our capacity within broad time and modal domains. Who's fault is this? Mine. Someone from CF Inspire made the comment today that we really live up to our name. Explode. We are the most explosive CrossFit athletes around because I named the place Explode, I program mostly for explosive power and thats downright the only way I like to get shit done. Fast and Furious. The aim of CrossFit is to increase work capacity over broad time and modal domains. We are a CrossFit Affiliate so this should be our aim as well. My lesson is learned, look for our WODs to be a bit more "diverse".

On a lighter note, you all did everything you possibly could have today and left it all out on the floor. The purpose of these team competitions are to get affiliates together, compete, have fun and make it possible for every level to participate. Check, check, check and check. I had a blast, and im so proud of this team and the heart you all have. Thank you