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Micah from CrossFit 215 is putting together some team competitions for local CrossFit affiliates to compete in.  The first round of competitions will take place the weekend of January 29th.  CrossFit Explode will be competing against local affiliate CrossFit West Chester. All the information we have is here in Micah's recent email:

WE have 6 teams signed up, should make for a good tournament. First here is the schedule for the weekend.
Saturday Jan 29th at 8am West Chester vs Explode (@ West chester)
Saturday Jan 29th at 2pm KOP vs Inspire (@ KOP)
Sunday Jan 30th at 8am Generation vs 215 (@215)
I'm thinking each event will take about 5 hours, max!! hopefully less. I will bring judges, all you guys have to do is show up… and breathe a lil fire. The wod will be as follows and consist of 5 challenges.
Challenge 1) The day of you will recieve a list of 30 tasks. These tasks are anywhere from 1-5 minutes, i.e. 45 burpees, or 200 DU. Each team will send up one person at time with a task the other team will send up a competitor to match. Each athlete must compete once, and only once, in this event. A point per task, most points wins the event. There is a tie-breaker.
Challenge 2) Strength. Each team will have 30 minutes to set a total team max effort. I.e. if it were back squat, in 30 minutes each team has the opportunity for each athlete to set a 1RM and you total up each persons weight for a total weight, most lbs wins. I will announce the strength on thursday night so each team has time to prepare their athletes.
Challenge 3) there will be 3 different WODs. Each of a different skill level and each of your 20 athletes will compete in one of the 3. Level 1 will be 7, Level II will be 8, and the level III WOD will have 5 athletes participate. Add up all 20 times and lowest time wins. These WODs will be deigned so again, everyone can participate.
Challenge 4 & 5) You will divide your team in half and each one will compete in a team event.
I will reach back out the week of. Look forward to seeing you all soon.


Each team will consist of 10 men and 10 women from each affiliate.  For Team Explode we will have try-outs.  All the WODs for the week of Jan 17th- Jan 22nd will be used as our try-outs.  There will be 9 WODs total, 2 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, 2 on Wednesday, 2 on Friday and 1 on Saturday. The team will consist of the top 10 men and the top 10 women with the lowest points at the end of the week. Scoring will be lowest amount of points at the end of the week. Top score on a workout= 1pt, second lowest score= 2pts and so on.  Saturday January 22nd at 9am we will hold a mini-event, it will be the final scoring WOD and it will be UNKNOWN.

Eligibility for the team is as follows:

1.  You must complete all 9 workouts before the 22nd of January

2.  You must complete all 9 workouts Rx'd with proper range of motion. If there are not 10 athletes to complete the WOD as Rx'd, the next closest will receive the next lowest score.

3. A trainer from Explode must witness your workout, count your reps and insure proper range of motion. (Quinlan, Marc, Emily, Phil, Ian or Petters)

4. You only get one chance to complete a workout (no re-do's).

5. If you are not available on Jan 29th, the next lowest score will compete with the team.

Please contact me if you would like to tryout for the team but may have some extenuating circumstances that might prevent you from following this criteria!

With all that in mind, here are the first 2 WODs:

Think you have a "SHOT" at making the team??





21…15…9 of:

G.I. Janes

KB Swings… 70/35 pounds

For Time

Rest 10mins then:



30…20…10 of:

Row for Calories

Thrusters…95/55 pounds

For Time


Post time and load of WODs 1 and 2 to comments