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2 Rounds of:

15…10…5 of:

Burpees Onto Plate

(100m Sled Push in between sets)

For Time

(10min Time Cap)

***3, 2,1… GO! The male partner will start with 15 Burpees onto a plate then push a Prowler Sled with (2)45 pund plates 100m to the next mat. He will remove (1)45 pound plate and do his 10 Burpees onto that plate. Then he will push the Sled with (1)45 plate back 100m, remove the last 45 plate and complete his last 5 Burpees. When his feet touch the plate of his last burpee the female will begin her set of 15 Burpees. After she does her 15 burpees she will push the empty sled 100m and complete her 10 burpees onto the 1st plate previously removed by her partner. When she completes her 10th burpee she will again push the empty sled back 100m and finish her last 5 burpees. Time stops when the female's feet touch the plate on her 5th Burpee.


Burpee Onto Plate– Head has to be behind the plate when the athlete is in the down position. Both feet must make contact on top of the plate for the rep to count.

Prowler Push- By any means necessary



6min to establish 10 Rep Max of OHS

For Total Weight Lifted

***3,2,1… GO! Following workout 1's 10min time cap, both partners will be given a whopping 4min of rest! After that 4min rest both partners will have a total time of 6min to establish a 10RM Overhead Squat. Each partner will only get 1 attempt. If at least 5 reps is not accomplished that athlete will get another attempt at another weight or the same. If 5 reps is accomplished that will count as the athlete's attempt and the weight lifted will be multiplied by the reps completed. The score for this workout is weight lifted by both partners multiplied by reps accomplished.


Overhead Squat– The barbell will be taken from a rack and jerked over head any way. The crease of the hips must pass below the knees at the bottom and open completely at the top for the rep to count.


Workout 3 (11:10am)- "ROW-MY-GAWD"

16min AMRAP of:

1min Calorie Row

1min Rest

1min HSPU's…floor

1min Rest

For Total Reps

***3,2,1…GO! Partner 1 begins by rowing for as many calories as possible while partner 2 rests in front of the rower. After 1min, partner 2 will row while partner 1 rests. After 2min partner 1 will do as many HSPU's as possible while partner 2 rests. After 3min partner 2 will do as many HSPU's as possible…ect for 16min. Score is total amount of HSPU and Calories rowed combined in 16min.


HSPU– Head must make contact with the mat at the bottom of the rep and arms must come to complete lockout at the top.



1mile Med Ball Run…10 pounds

For Time

(10min Time Cap)

***3,2,1…GO! Partner 1 will run 2 laps around the complex (800m) carrying a 10 pound medicine ball. When partner 1 completes their 2 laps they will hand the med ball to part partner 2. When all 4 hands are on the med ball partner 2 may run their 2 laps. Time stops when partner 2 returns from their second lap and again all 4 hands are on the med ball. Score is the time it takes the team to complete 1mile.


WORKOUT 5 (immediately following WOD4)- "UNBROKE-CHIN"

12min AMRAP of:

Chin Over Bar Pull Ups

(15 KB Swings…53/35 pounds, 20m Run penalty)

For Total Reps

***3,2,1…GO! Immediately following the return of partner 2 from their 800m med ball run partner 1 will run to the pull up rig and begin their set of pull ups while partner 2 remains in the staging area. As soon as partner 1 breaks and comes off the bar from their initial set of pull ups they must complete 15 KB Swings and run to tag partner 2 "in" to begin on their set of unbroken pull ups. Score is total completed pull ups in 12min.


Chin Over Bar Pull Ups– Arms must start at full lock out at the bottom and chin must pass over the horizontal and verticle plane of the pull up bar.

KB Swings– KB swing must begin below the waist and reach full extension at the top of the swing with arms, legs and hips in the open position for the rep to count. After completing the set of 15, the KB must be placed in the upright position on the ground. If the KB is dropped and not placed upright, the athlete will have to do an additional rep.