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(Disposable Hero WOD)

2001m Row

11 Box Jumps…36/24" box

11 Thrusters…125/85 pounds (125 deaths at the pentagon)

11 Burpee Chest to Bar Pull Ups

11 Power Cleans… 175/120 pounds (AA flight #175, South Tower)

11 HSPU's

11 KB Swings…70/53 pounds

11 Toes to Bar

11 Deadlifts… 170/120 pounds (flights 77 and 93)

11 Push Jerks…110/75 pounds (# of floors in each tower)

2001m Run

(approx. 1.25miles, 1mile course and 400m lap)

For Time

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This weekend your coaches Emily and BQ along with Bill and Liz competed in a partner competition at CrossFit 215. We all did our best to practice what we preach for 3 gruling WODs. Emily and BQ finished 2nd overall and BIll and Liz finshed 8th. 

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**I realize today's WOD might seem a little daunting to some. You might even plan on skipping this one. When those thoughts creap into your mind remember those who laid their life on the line for others 10 years ago. Come in, your well-being is always in our best interest and every WOD is easiliy scaled. When you are done this WOD, stand up on your two feet no matter how tired you may be and appreciate that you are still alive no matter how close to the other side you may have felt.**