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With a partner complete the following:

50m Burpee Broad Jump (partner 1)

50 Wall Balls…20/14 pounds…10/8 feet (partner 2)

50m Burpee Broad Jump (partner 2)

50 Wall Balls…20/14…10/8 feet (partner 1)

50m Partner Wheel Barrel

100m Tire Flip (both partners)

200 Sledge Swings…16/10 pounds (both partners)

800m Run with Sledge

For Time

-Partner 1 starts off with the 50m burpee broad jump while partner 2 completes the wall balls. After both partners are finished their task, they switch. Partner 2 then completes the 50m burpee broad jump while partner 1 complete their 50 wall balls. After you complete the 2nd set of wall balls and burpee broad jumps you then move on to the partner wheel barrel. After the wheel barrel, both partners move outside to the tire flips. At the end of the tire flips both partners will take turns completing the 200 sledge hammer swings. When the 200 sledge swings are complete both partners finish the workout with an 800m run carrying their sledge.

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