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warm up: 400m Jog, 2×20 Reverse Hypers

10×10 Deadlift

10×10 DB Row

8×10 Strict Pull Up

8×10 Land Mine Rotations

*note- We are currently in a hypertrophy macrocycle for the year long periodized training protocol leading up to the 2014 Games season. For now keep loads light and manageable. Use strict form and concentrate on full range of motion. These workouts will be very time consuming as some of you have already found out. With that in mind, ease back on abusing your bodies further by doing too many metcons during the week. During this phase it would be ideal to metcon 2-4 days a week and possibly jog or row for a leisurely distance. Keep in mind all year long to monitor your body and make sure you don't overtrain. I will over-prescribe workloads, it is up to you to know your limitations, push yourself through them but make sure you can maintain intensity and consistency. THFL