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3 Rounds of:

1min AMRAP of Wall Balls…20/14 pounds… 10/8 feet

1min AMRAP of SDLHP…75/45 pounds

1min AMRAP of Box Jumps… 20/18" box

1min AMRAP of Push Press…75/45 pounds

1min AMRAP of Row… for cals

1min Rest

For Total Reps 


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**SEPTEMBER 17th 2011**

On September 17th we will be hosting FIGHT GONE BAD here at Explode. There will be a the workout followed by a BBQ and some adult beverages. Everyone bring your favorite dish (preferably "paleo").

Mark your calenders and register to help raise money for a good cause! To Register click on the link above and make sure you sign up as a team member of CrossFit Explode. Then reach out to friends and family and ask them to help contribute to the cause.

On September 17, 2011, CrossFitters from around the world will come together to endure 17 minutes of one of our most grueling workouts in honor of those men and women who have given a lifetime of service and sacrifice.

For 17 minutes, we will push ourselves further, challenge ourselves deeper, feel the doubt and wonder if we can make it, but then remember why we are there and appreciate fully those who we wish to honor.  We turn to you, our community of friends and family, to join us by donating what you can or what you are inspired to give to two phenomenal organizations that provide immediate and measurable support without waste or delay.


The heart of an athlete can change the game.

The soul of an athlete can change the world.