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7 Rounds of:

1min 30sec AMRAP of:

10 KB Swings

10 Wall Balls

30sec Rest

For Total Reps

Description- Athletes will progress through a ladder of progressively heavier KB's and progressively heavier WB's after each round. Each KB Swing must visibly pass between the athletes legs and end up in the overhead position with arms extended and legs locked. Bottom of the KB does not have to be facing the ceiling. Each Wall Ball must start with a squat and finish with the athlete making contact with the required target. Nothing unusual from typical standards your trainers stress on a regular basis. If an athlete cannot perform the KB Swings Safely or to the requirements of the set standards, those poor reps will not count and the athlete will not be able to attempt KB swing in the following round and the score will be the amount of reps the athlete has completed up until that point. Safety First!

KB Swings… 1st Round(18/13) 2nd(26/18) 3rd(35/26) 4th(45/35) 5th(53/40) 6th(70/53) 7th(97/70)

Wall Balls… 1st(10/6)pounds(9/8)feet, 2nd(10/6)(10/8), 3rd(14/10)(10/8), 4th(14/10)(10/8), 5th(20/14)(10/8), 6th(20/14)(12/10), 7th(20/14)(12/10)

From the first Team Explode Combine 2012


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