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With a Partner complete the following:

12 Burpee Jump-through Tire Flips (thanks Nate)

400m Sled Pull…90/45 pounds

200 Knees to Elbows

200 Hand Release Push Ups

200 SDLHP's…75/45 pounds

40 Wall Climbs

100m Walking Lunge…45/25 pounds

400m Run

For Time 


 Post team time and load to comments


***We all choose to do CrossFit because we have learned that the methodologies and principals are second to no other training regimen. We perfect movements and gain proficiency across broad time and modal domains. We strive to be as equally strong as we are cardiovascularly fit. The founder of CrossFit says, "the greatest adaptation to CrossFit is what happens between the ears."

Saturday's WODs are not programmed specifically for strength, endurance, stamina, accuracy, coordination, power, speed, balance, agility or flexibility. They are not programmed to measure work capacity in any specific time domain. They are programmed to improve the most important general physical fitness component we possess… mental fortitude!