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5 Rounds of:

15 Hanging Squat Cleans…95/55 pounds

10 Burpees

For Time


This past weekend was a blur! Can't tell you how proud I am of Team Explode. Not only did they tie for second but they carried themselves confidently and succeeded beyond what others thought they were capable of. Over the weekend numerous competitors, event staff, and media complimented me on our team's amazing work capacity as well as their show of sportmanship and respect for the other athletes. At the end of the weekend the numbers, placings or awards didn't matter. We came and did what we love to do… Really well. 

Oh yea, I made it to the 2012 CrossFit Games. Whether you make the trip or not, Im bringing everyone from Explode with me! Love you guys and gals, thanks so much for your support!


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Strength: Front Squat 5×5