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"Hello Kitty"

For Time:

50 Kitten-Puppy-Baby-Bunnies…115/75

At the top of every minute, do 5 C2B Pull Ups

(Kitten-Pupppy-Baby-Bunny= Squat Clean n Press with a Burpee on the bar in the down position)


Post time and load to comments



5 Rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts… 155/95

50 Jump Rope swings

200m Run

Post time and load to commnets

4.28.10 Hello Kitty 

**Note- Starting today I'm going to be programming "begginers" WODs for those new clients who might not be ready for the more complex WODs done by the more experienced CrossFitters. 

L2's or, Level 2 WODs will focus more on basic movements and conditioning to establish more of a solid foundation in the fundamentals of CrossFit.

L1's or, Level 1 WOD's will focus on pushing the established CrossFitter to the peak of their conditioning while testing their proficientcy in a wide variety of skills.

Choose your WOD wisely.  If you are just learning the movements of CF or have been hitting WODs hard for a while now, keep pushing yourselves to get better.  A wise man once said to me, "there's science in the movement, numbers don't lie and there's magic in the results"!