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1000m Row

50 Dips

50 KB Swings…53/35 pounds

50 Thrusters…65/45 pounds

For Time

Post time and load to comments

Ok the 2013 CrossFit Games season is upon us! The first OPEN workout will be announced this Wednesday at 8pm on the games site. We will be validating scores every Saturday during the Open at 1pm here at CrossFit Explode. Everyone is welcome to come out and participate in the workout or cheer on fellow Explodians as we all take part in a fun day of friendly competition and food! If your are interested in participating click on the link below to register for the Open. It is open to everyone at every level. We will be holding a briefing starting at 1:15pm each Saturday on the movement standards and requirements to ensure valid judging and scoring. We reccomend that everyone take the online judges course that is free of charge and will teach you how to recognize good movement for yourself and others that you may be judging. Gonna be a good time!!!

Register for the OPEN