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3.20.20 FRIDAY “ExplodeHomieWOD”


3.20.20 FRIDAY “ExplodeHomieWOD”

Ok everyone, here we go. I thought it might come to this. All non-life sustaining business have been given the directive to close. We will be following that directive as our social responsibility.

With that being said we now look forward to other options and make the best of our situation…

Equipment Rental and ExplodeHomieWOD on Instagram

*Starting tomorrow, Friday 3/20/20 at 5pm we will be renting equipment from Explode to Explode members for 1 week at a time CHEAP. We’ll try and do this every Friday until things settle down.

*Also starting tomorrow I ask that you follow ExplodeHomieWOD on Instagram. Here we will be posting updates, workouts and sharing pictures and comments about that quarantined fit life we all are about to embark on!!

*Lastly, keep your heads up high and stay positive. We’ll all be back in the gym soon doing what we love to do together! I built this motherfucker to last. Nothing will take that away!

Love you all, see you soon



Oddly Object

2 Rounds of:

8min AMRAP of:

Up ladder by 2 of:

2 Burpees

2 Odd Object Back Squat

2 Sit Ups

4min Rest

For Total Reps

*increase by two reps after you finish all three exercises

*Follow ExplodeHomieWOD on Instagram