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warm up– 500m Row


Practice Clean N Jerk


work up to a heavy single of OHS for 3 sets

3×1 Bench Press

3x25m Sled Push (outside)

(Do your strength work after 15.1)


Explode WOD


– Practice CnJ before hand and work up to a heavy single.

– Get a really good idea for your opening weight. This opening weight should be your "probable" weight (the weight that you will always hit 10/10 attempts. Use your warm up to establish an idea for your "possible" weight (the weight you can hit on a good day). During the 6min, you may have 3-4 attempts. Use this time wisely and do not fail any attempts.

– Develop an idea of a personal strategy to keep you moving through the 9min AMRAP. Do not predetermine numbered sets and commit to them. Be in touch with your body as you begin to move through the reps. Back off of your set before you reach failure, take a quick rest and begin smooth reps again and stay busy!!

Good Luck Everyone!!!


27…21…15…9 of:

Assault Cals

Burpee Bar Touches

(50 Double Unders after each set)


Ring Muscle Ups

Chest to Bar Pull Ups