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warm up– 200 Double Unders


3×5 Hang Squat Clean

3×10 Med Ball Toes to Bar


Explode WOD


50 Box Jumps For Time…24/20"

Rest 2min then:

30 Med Ball Slams For Time…80/60


2×25 GHD Sit Ups

**We will be registering two teams for this year's CrossFit Games. There will be a team CROSSFIT EXPLODE A and a team CROSSFIT EXPLODE B. Later this week we will announce here on the competitor's page who will be on the CROSSFIT EXPLODE A team. Team A will consist of 5 Men and 5 Women. Those who are listed for team CROSSFIT EXPLODE A will be asked to register for that team. The rest of the gym will register for CROSSFIT EXPLODE B. 

If you are a competitor and have any questions about the selection process for either team please feel free to reach out to me. From the start everyone's input and individual goals are my main concern so let your voice be heard. The gym's goal as a collective whole is to do better each year than we did the past. Have no doubt we are on that path and I personally am really excited for this year!!! Let's get after it!!