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First, cant wait for this weekend, its going to be a blast. I CC everyone because i assume there will be questions and I can answer all of them.

As far as times go… WC/Explode, please have your people ready to start by 8:30. My team and I will be there by 8AM. As this is the first run off, this will help set the time for the rest of the weekend as I obviously was unable to run through this whole thing. KOP/Inspire, I am planning on a 2pm start but please be there  by 1pm so if we are running ahead of schedule we can start early. Sunday – Barry, lets still do 8am start and Tribe/OTG same thing, please be there by 1pm and I will try to get there early.
Event 1 – attached you will find the list of tasks. Each team will take turns sending out an athlete and a task and then the other team will send someone out to match them. Each one of these matches will be worth 1 point.  There are 30 tasks on the list so therefore only 20 of the 30 will get used. Once an athlete competes in a task both that athlete and the task are done. In the event of tie breaker, in order to make sure there is not a tie at the end, I have a additional WOD.
Event 2 – Each team will get 4 judges (stations) and have 30 min to set a 1 RM TGU. You can use either a KB, Dumbbell, or Barbell. You can work on the side to warm up during the event but each attempt must happen in front of a judge to count towards your team total. Which ever team has the higher total weight will earn 5 points.
Event 3 – Four total heats of 10 athletes. Rep scheme is (9-7-5) for everyone. You must have 5 athletes do Level 3, 10 athletes do Level 2, and 5 athletes do Level 1. We will total up time for all 20 of your athletes and lowest time will earn 5 Points. Movements and weights are as follows:
    Level 3
    DL (275/185)
    Burpee Box Jumps (24"/20") 
    Level 2
    DL (185/135)
    Burpee Bar Hops 
    Level 1
    DL (135/95)
I hoping to run heats of 5 so please let me know if you do not have 5 boxes of each of the above and bars as well.
Event 45 points for the fastest time.  5 guys and 5 Girls will attempt to complete the following 3 stages for time:
    Stage 1 – Each team must move 30,000 lbs GTO. Each team will pick and submit 4 different bar weights and rep schemes to be completed at each bar. Please refer to sheet 4 of the attached document to examples. Must complete stage 1 before moving on to stage 2 and same for stage 3
    Stage 2 – Your team must row 10k (exactly 2.5k per rower, so each rowing machine will count down from 2,500m, each team gets 4 rowers. Please let me know if your box does not have that). Each seat on the rowers must rotate every minute. No, not everyone has to participate but don't be a d-bad!!!! So, not everyone has to row the same amount nor do they have to row on the same machine each time.
    Stage 3 – 400 box jumps at 4 stations ([email protected] 24" (men) and 2 @ 20"(women)). Next, dead-man carry. So each of your 5 members will pick up one of the other 5 and carry them a distance of roughly 50m (this will vary per box). Then you will do 400 KB swings (2 50sMens, 2 35sWomens) and then whoever carried a person must then be carried by that person back 50m. Time will end when all 10 athletes have crossed the line (or cone maybe).
Event 5 – Team Angie, 5 points for the fastest time.  Again 4 stations per team and you must complete all of the following and all of each in this order before moving on to the next exercise.
   200 pull-ups, 2 unassisted and 2 stations get bands (one small, one medium)
   300 push-ups, one station will get a band
   400 Sit-ups. please let me know if you do not have 8 Abmats. You may anchor your feet with a KB
   500 Squats
For sake of rest and design of the WODs, i'm hoping that your higher level people will do event 4 and the rest event 5. Level 3 Event 3 will go first, followed by 2 heats of the level 2 (5 from each team), lastly Level 1 of event 3.

Micah Macbeth
CrossFit 215