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1 Ring Muscle Up (sub: Bar MU or 3 ring rows, 3 ring dips)

2 OHS…95/65 pounds

3 Hang Squat Snatch…95/65 pounds

4 Hang Snatch…95/65 pounds

5 Muscle Snatch…95/65 pounds

6 Box Jumps…24/20" box

7 Pull Ups

8 Burpees

9 WB Sit Ups…20/14 pounds

10 High Wall Balls…20/14 pounds… 12/10 feet

11 KB Swings…70/53 pounds

400m Run

For Time

(Time Cap 30min)

*Start with 1 (the first day of Christmas aka 1 Muscle Up aka partridge in a pear tree) and work your way to day 12 (400 meter run…no, you don't have to do 12 of them) As you work your way through the days don't forget to go back and complete each day before just like the song goes…ex) 1 Muscle Up, 2 OHS, 1 Muscle Up, 3 Hang Squat Snatch, 2 OHS, 1 Muscle Up…etc.


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*This workout is at the request of your fellow Explodians…thank them:) We will be having 9am and 12pm classes, however the gym will be open from 9am-1pm. This workout is capped off at 30min and has a lot of organization involved. If time is an issue for you, please come to the gym sooner.

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