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12.16.21 THURSDAY “2 PACK”


12.16.21 THURSDAY “2 PACK”


5 Rounds of:

5 Incline Bench (stack 3 45# plates under head of bench)

7 Dips

9 DB Skull Crushers (on the floor)


22min AMRAP of:

22 DB Sit Ups…25/15

22 KB Swings…70/53

22 Grasshoppers

22 DB Incline Press…50/35’s

22 Toes to Bar

22 S Arm DB Jumping Squats…50/35

(Every 2min, 2 30m Shuttle Touches)

For Total Reps

* S Arm DB Jumping Squat- Single DB is held at the shoulder or rack position. Athlete squats below parallel then returns to the finish position by jumping high enough that your feet leave the ground.