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Here are the events for this year’s Triples Combine!

1. “ODB VOL. 3”

Partner 1:

21…15…9 of:

Burpee onto Plate

(50m Sled Push before each set…90/45)

Immediately following the 9th Burpee of Partner 1. Partner 2 completes the same and partner 3 repeats for a 3rd time.

Score 1– partner 1’s time of completion

Score 2– partner 2’s time of completion

Score 3– partner 3’s time of completion

(20min Time Cap)


7min AMRAP of:

Bike Cals and Thrusters…95/65

-One partner is on the bike, one partner is on Thrusters and the 3rd partner is hanging from Pull Up Bar. All three partners must rotate when the 3rd partner comes off the pull up Bar.

2min Rest


5mins to Establish 1RM Clean n Jerk

Immediately following the 6mins:

3min AMRAP of:

Pull Ups- 1pt each

Chest to Bar Pull Ups- 2pts each

Bar Muscle Ups- 4pts each

Score 4– Total Cals and Thrusters

Score 5– Total combined CnJ weight

Score 6– Total points

3. “RIP”

40cal Run

30/20cal Row

30 KB Swings…53/35

400m medball run…14/10

For Time

-At 3,2,2 Go! Partner one begins on the treadmill, then onto the Row, then onto the KB Swings and then finishes with the 400m Run. Partner 2 begins the treadmill when partner 1 finishes the Row. Partner 3 begins when partner 2 finishes the Row.

-No partner can begin a station until the partner in front completes their station.

-Partners may be on the final run at the same time.

-No partner can pass another partner on the run.

Score 7– Partner 1’s Time of completion on the Treadmill 40cals.

Score 8– Partner 2’s Time of completion on the Row 30/20cals.

Score 9– Partner 3’s Time of completion on 400m Medball Run