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Hi everyone, I hope this email finds you and all your loved ones safe, healthy, happy, and ready to get back to a new normal. I miss all of you a ton!! Hopefully we will all be back in the gym soon and back to work. What we do in there every day has absolutely contributed to you being resilient through these tough times—not just physically resilient but mentally as well.

The gym is currently not open, but it is available for members to come in and utilize the equipment in a limited capacity and at your own individual discretion. Some things to keep in mind if you do choose to use the gym:

– If you have been in contact with anyone who has been sick or if you feel sick yourself, DO NOT ENTER.

– If you are in close contact with anyone who has risk factors such as being immune compromised or elderly, DO NOT ENTER.

– Only 9 people are permitted in the gym working out at the same time.

– Download Zen Planner Member app to register for a 1 hour time slot to use the gym. (Please only register for 1 hour at a time and promptly leave after your hour is up to avoid overlap).

– Download HybridAF app to access the front door.

– Wash your hands before and after using the equipment or working out.

– Bring out and put away any equipment you use.

– Thoroughly wipe down all equipment you use and any contact points.

– The gym will be cleaned daily.

– Masks are optional.

-We have almost 8,000 square feet of wide open warehouse space, which provides more than enough space for social distancing.

In general, please use common sense, practice cleanliness, and respect others’ space, time, and health.


Traditionally, my absolute favorite day of the year is our annual Memorial Day Murph celebration. Having 80-100 of my favorite people packed into the gym suffering has no parallel. The National Anthem followed by “3, 2, 1, GO!!” gives me chills just thinking about. Watching the sea of Explodians climb that first hill on the first mile makes my chest swell with an amazing sense of pride.

Every year we do all this on Memorial Day to celebrate our great country and those men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our way of life. We do it to thank them.

This year we will not be running “MURPH” on Memorial Day. In order to make it work for that one day, it would have to be done in such a limited fashion; and that doesn’t sit well with me. It also doesn’t sit well with me that we have not been working up to the capacity to do that workout without potential injury.

We would either have to run tiny little heats, do it covertly, or relocate to gather in a mass somewhere unfamiliar. None of that would honor those men and women appropriately.

Instead, we will wait until the gym is allowed to host that large capacity of 80-100 people—hopefully, on July 4th or Labor Day.

Until then, keep up the practice of being a bunch of badasses. I’ll be programming some workouts that will help us get ready for “Murph” and whatever else we need to pull through this together.

Stay safe, stay resilient…

Love you all