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Warm up- 50cal Bike


5×1 Clean Complex

(Complex= 1 Power Clean, 1 Low Hang Clean, 1 High Hang Clean, 1 High Hang Squat)


21…15…9 of:

GHD Sit Ups

Bench Press…205/135

(800m Run after each)



*Guys, with these Open workouts let’s be considerate to the rest of the members and other competitors as we are doing and redoing these workouts! Let’s keep a couple things in mind:

-No redoing workouts during class times after Friday. There’s plenty of time in between classes to get this 7mins done.

-Confirm with a trainer when you will be doing or redoing this workout and ask them nicely if they can be there while you do it.

-Make sure you clean up your weights as soon as you are finished

-Make sure before you get to the gym that you have a judge and set up any video device well before you go

-Try to set a time to do the workout with other people if possible. Working out with friends is more fun!

-Keep kicking ass with these workouts guys!! These first two weeks have been unbelievably impressive and all of you have been amazing!!