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With a partner, complete the following:

5 Rounds of:

24 Deadlifts…185/125

18 Hang Cleans…185/125

12 S2OH…185/125

For Time

(15min Time Cap)
*competitors use 205/145, same time cap

Check in- 9:00am

Workout Briefing- 9:30am

Event 1 First Heat- 10:30am

– The workouts are announced. (they’re right down there 👇🏻😏)

– All 3 Team members need to check in and be at the briefing by 9:00am

– We will be judging/counting/keeping track of scores for each other (e.g. Heat 1 will judge Heat 3, Heat 2 will judge Heat 4) so we all need to be aware of movement standards and Event flow.

– There will be 3 Events with 9 scoring opportunities.

– Heat schedule will be posted here on Saturday as well as the closing time of the Combine.

– Register your team by following the link below if you haven’t done so already:

– Following the workouts we will be having a “FITNESS FRIENDSGIVING”. We are asking that everyone bring a food item to share. There is a sign up sheet on the whiteboard. Please mark down what you will be bringing. Any questions, talk to Abby.

…and here are the workouts:


1min AMRAP of:

P1 Bike Cals

1min AMRAP of:

P2 Bike Cals

1min AMRAP of:

P3 Bike Cals

12min AMRAP of:

2:30min AMRAP of:

KB Swings…35/26


30sec Rest

2:30min AMRAP of:

KB Swings…53/35


30sec Rest

2:30min AMRAP of:

KB Swings…70/53


30sec Rest 

3min AMRAP of:

Ring Muscle Ups- don’t worry if you don’t have RMU’s, just bust ur butt on the WB’s and KB Swings!

(15mins Total)

Score1- P1 Cals

Score2- P2 Cals

Score3- P3 Cals

Score4- 12min AMRAP Total 


7min AMRAP of:

Row Cals

(Non working partners hold Plank)

8min E2MOM

8 Syncro Burpee Over Bar

2 RM Snatch

(15min Total)

*each team will be given an empty bar with weights

*all 3 teammates have to hit each weight before the 2min mark

*if one teammate misses, they’re workout is over, other 2 move on and so on.

Score 5- Rower Cals

Score 6- Total weight of 3 Snatches


7min AMRAP of:

30m Low Bar Prowler…50/10

30m High Bar Prowler…50/10

3min AMRAP of:

Max Syncro Chin Over Bar Pull Ups

1min Rest

800m Med Ball Run…20/14

For Time

*each partner has to push both low and high bar during their turn

*you do not have to go in order and one partner can go multiple times back to back

*pull ups begin immediately at 7min mark

*800m Run begins at the 11min mark

*each team will have 3 Med Balls

Score 7- total 30m pushes

Score 8- total pull ups

Score 9- total time of Event 3

*I’ll be at the gym all day Friday and most of the day Saturday. If anyone has any questions let me know then or email me [email protected]. 9:30am is the briefing on Sunday, be there for any last min changes.